Bring brains to your energy game

Leap enables automated trading on energy markets for anyone, regardless of capacity and availability. Get access to wholesale markets through a single API and help build the flexible renewable grid of the future.

Unlock new monetization opportunities by connecting your application to the Distributed Energy eXchange

Connect through one simple, powerful API

No need for dozens of contracts and numerous integrations in different programming languages. Leap offers all that’s required for real time automated trading through one simple, powerful API.

Unlock revenue - for you and your customers

Our platform offers new monetization opportunities through load reduction reward programs and automatic trading of certificates of origin. You’ll choose how much of it you want to share with your customers.

Maintain control of your customer experience

Most smart charging applications used by customers are third party. Leap enables you to cut out the middle man and engage directly with your customers, maintaining complete control over the customer experience.

Unlock revenue by joining Global Demand Response programs

ISOs and other parties offer grid users financial incentive to reduce total power consumption during peak hours.

Leap enables distributed energy resources to communicate a bid curve for load reduction. When supply and demand meet, electricity consumption is temporarily paused for the agreed dollar value.

By joining forces with other load reducers, we can meet the minimum reduction threshold required to participate in these wholesale programs.

Not just for manufacturers

The Distributed Energy eXchange (DEX) acts as an open energy market and allows for fully automated trading of energy resoures.

Leap's DEX opens up the energy marketplace to anyone* and helps to balance the grid with a hardware agnostic platform for energy transactions.


* Including: Utilities, CCAs, ISOs, RTOs, Retail energy providers, Reguled parties, Regulators, EV manufacturers, Home battery manufacturers & Charging stations

UNDER THE HOOD - Leap’s hardware agnostic platform is built on best-in-class technology to deliver a tool suite to engage in automated trading.

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